Sylvia Garcia

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Sylvia V. Garcia is a South Texas artist who graduated from UTRGV with a degree in Studio Art. She has always been fascinated by the creation of art in both Drawing and Painting. Over the course of her life, many obstacles, and grief periods, she has refined her artistic depictions of her Mexican Culture and legends associated with them. Garcia's work has recurring women, fragments of being, nature and symbolism in her work as well as a portrayal of symbolic experimentation of nature and the human form.

The work by Garcia consists primarily of acrylics, inks, and oils but often experiments with plastic and printmaking techniques to create textures on many of her pieces. She enjoys conveying the essence of healing, thought-provoking and coping allegorical abstract thought. Vestiges of some of her influences are Remedios Varo. Leonora Carrington, Salvador Dali, Casper D. Friedrich, Thomas Cole, and William Blake.

Sylvia's work has been exhibited in various RGV galleries as well as Chicago. Currently she is a dedicated charity-contributing artist to organizations that raise awareness and funds for autism and organ donation. 

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